Tower Farms

For those interested in multiple towers, a commercial Tower Farm option is available. Farms range in size from large-scale commercial greenhouse farms to custom micro-farms. Green Towers can assist you with planning, design, and servicing of your Tower Farm.  

With vertical Tower Farms, you can fit 10x more plants compared to horizontally oriented systems.  Our modular and scalable farming technology allows you to grow food in some pretty interesting places.  

Tower farming offers a range of benefits for your company, restaurant, school, greenhouse, farm including

– Produce hyper-local food that people crave

– Enrich your community and support your local economy

– Reduce transportation distances, which preserves product freshness, flavour, and nutritional content – good for you and the environment

– Reduces food miles, packaging, and waste so people can feel good about supporting your eco-friendly business and your sustainability initiatives 

– Ability to grow year-round, regardless of the weather

Imagine the possibilities