Growing Memories: 5 Ways to Involve Your Kids in Gardening

Growing Memories: 5 Ways to Involve Your Kids in Gardening

Gardening doesn’t have to be boring.  Encourage children to swap “screen time” for “green time” and turn your gardening routine into a family affair.  Check out how to get your children excited about gardening.

Rather than plant a seed or harvest a crop, most kids would much rather play the latest game and try out the newest filter. But, as parents, we want our children to be interested and engaged in activities that open their minds and help them grow.

Studies show that getting kids interested in gardening at an early age can help them develop and gain valuable life skills — like patience and responsibility. Finding ways to replace your kids’ screen time with some family ‘green time’ is a great way to open their eyes to the joys of gardening.

Discover these five simple tips to get your kids interested in gardening!


1. Make Gardening Exciting

We’re often tasked with finding creative ways to get our little ones to eat their vegetables or take their medicine. Whether it’s pretending a spoon is an airplane or turning household chores into a game, thinking outside the box helps grab their attention. The same rules apply for gardening.

The more exciting the project, the more engaged they’ll be. Schools across the country love having a Tower Garden in their classrooms because students can see their seeds grow before their eyes. Breaking gardening down into a series of games or challenges is a great way to pique their interest and imagination.

See how teachers engage their students with Tower Garden by downloading our Teaching with Tower Garden guide:

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2. Simplify the Process

Frustration is a big barrier to success, and that’s not specific to just gardening. If we want our kids to succeed, we can’t overcomplicate the task at hand. Try starting with some fast-growing crops that are easy to plant and maintain. That way, they’ll be able to feel a sense of accomplishment early on and experience rewards sooner.

Here are some easy beginner plants to grow as a family that are simple to plant and harvest:

  • Lettuce
  • Kale
  • Parsely
  • Basil
  • Baby Greens

3. Give Them Their Own Space

A little bit of trust goes a long way. Giving your kids their own space for experimenting and growing their own seeds will give them a sense of ownership over the garden. Try designating a section of your Tower for your little ones to use, indicated with fun signs or name tags.

Sparing a couple of planting ports for your kids is a great way to include them and get them excited about their seeds. Each FLEX unit comes with 20 ports, and each HOME unit comes with 32 ports — leaving plenty of room for everyone to take part.

4. Plant Something Fun

While growing leafy greens and herbs is a nice starting point in your kids’ gardening journey, there are many fun, unique plants you can also grow in your garden. From interesting looking veggies to colourful flowers, the possibilities are endless!

Even plants with fun names can capture a child’s imagination. The list below highlights some unique plants you can grow with Tower Garden. How many can you pronounce?

  • Achocha
  • Calabash
  • Kiwano
  • Kohlrabi
  • Romanesco
  • Tomatillo

5. Eat What You Grow

There’s nothing more rewarding than enjoying fresh homegrown produce. Let your kids help plan meals using the delicious fruits, vegetables, and herbs you harvest. We bet that they’ll be more receptive to their greens if they grew them from a seed.

Need some kitchen inspiration? Download the Tower Garden cookbook for some healthy recipes the whole family can enjoy.

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